Beverley’s Vision of WARD1

Ward 1 is like no other ward in the city. It can boast of a diversity of people, places and ideas. Ward 1 is on the rise. There are wonderful things happening.

Beverley Wheeler DC Ward 1 VisionHousing stock is expanding…
Young People are calling WARD1 ‘home’ -  not simply as a destination point for entertainment…. National retailers are researching locations within our borders. 
Ward 1 is an economic engine and cultural icon for the city:  Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, Georgia Avenue, Mt. Pleasant, 14th Street, 18th Street,  U Street, LeDroit Park and more.  Some of these neighborhoods have an historic legacy that has enriched the city for the past 100 years; others represent a fresh start with a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The ward is at a critical transition point requiring vision, collaboration and cooperation. Let’s make sure that everyone benefits from this good fortune by maintaining affordable housing; becoming a leader in sustainability by developing green jobs and businesses; ensuring the viability of our small unique stores; and supporting continued cultural diversity.

This will require skilled leadership if we are going to continue to be that most unique ward.

Let’s Re-think Community together.