WARD1 – A History of Engagement


I was a founder of the Civic Action group that fought  Metro’s destructive plan to use cut and cover for construction of the Green Line between the Columbia Heights and Petworth stations. Metro was proceeding to tear down over 100 houses and businesses. Through our efforts, METRO was persuaded to increase their construction investment and tunnel under the Columbia Heights Community to the Petworth Station Site on Georgia Ave. and New Hampshire Ave. This was a hard fought victory to save the integrity of our community and to ensure equitable investment in infrastructure across the city.

In the end a strong Public /Private Partnership strategy won the day.

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Save the Tivoli

I was on the Board of Save the Tivoli. The historic theatre was slated for demolition to make room for a Track Auto strip mall.  As a result of the Board’s efforts the Columbia Heights Community has retained an Historic Structure that remains a focal point of the Town Center design.  The legacy of this beautiful structure, dating back to 1924, is now a community asset in 2013 where children gather at the Gala Hispanic theatre, restaurants serve the community and a significant investment by Giant has positioned a first rate grocery store to serve both the pedestrian and car community alike.  Continuity of place is an important principal to tie the long standing residents to the young couples just moving in.

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I was on the Board of the Development Corporation of the Columbia Heights where we worked tirelessly to end the economic blight caused by the 1968 riots along 14th Street from U Street to Park Road. The results were cooperative housing, jobs programs and the construction of the DC USA shopping center that houses a Target, Best Buy, DSW, Models, Staples and Washington Sports Center, to name a few enterprises.

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Washington Parks and People

I was on the Board of Washington Parks and People when we fought to take back Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park from decay and drug dealers while simultaneously fighting to save green spaces in the ward and supporting other community groups seeking to invest in neighborhood parks across the city.


I served as an ANC commissioner in North Columbia Heights during the difficult years when we fought violent drug dealers, rampant prostitution and our “Shotgun Stalker”. It was during this time that the Council and the ANC Commisioners made a series of legislative changes to policing that were important to securing the future development of Ward1.


I have recently joined the Board of CHANGE, Inc as we move forward to enhance the work of this forty year-old neighborhood institution’s service to the unserved and underserved.