Serving the City – Beyond Ward1

State Board of Education (SBOE), Executive Director – during its transition from a local school board to a state board of education with state and federal policy responsibilities, under Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Neighborhood Action, Executive Director –as its first director seeking to restore citizen trust in the government through improved services, comprehensive planning, community outreach as well as Citizen Summits to gather resident input, under Mayor Anthony Williams.

MCI Arena Task Force, Member – I worked in concert with the Abe Pollin organization to complete a public private partnership that led to the redevelopment of Gallery Place and Chinatown during the construction of what is now the Verizon Center, under Mayor Marion Barry.

Council member Phil Mendelson, Chief of Staff –which gave me an opportunity to become involved in the operations of the council and develop a better understanding of the legislative process and its relationship to the executive branch implementation