About Beverley Wheeler

Beverley Wheeler is a lifelong resident of the District of Columbia with over 23 years of advocacy and engagement in WARD1 through her active leadership and participation in Neighborhood Organizations.

Beverley grew up in River Terrace, NE, lived East of the River in Fairfax Village, SE for a period of 12 years and settled in Columbia Heights, NW to raise her family, put down roots, and in her spare time renovate one of the areas beautiful townhouses.  WARD1 is her home.

She is recognized as a dynamic, proactive problem solver who readily Identifies business solutions, formulates & initiates change and fashions Coalitions to Implement Change.  Working across the cities neighborhoods and communities requires a capacity to listen and a set of experiences to contribute to the solution.  Beverley has been sought after to bring those qualities time and again.

Beverley holds a BS and MS in Public Policy and Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University and Masters and Doctorate degrees in Education from Harvard University.