Getting on the Ballot

A great morning at the Board of Elections

Very excited to be picking up petitions this morning for the Ward 1, DC Council race.
Looking forward to a very spirited campaign. I’ll be out in the neighborhoods, cafe’s, and senior centers these next few days and weeks… if you see me or one of my volunteers, please stop me and say hello.

WARD1 is continuing to grow….

It is so important that we work together, as a Community, to ensure that these changes reinforce the best in Ward1 and that we continue to be a vibrant, diverse and inclusionary community.  To do this we must be engaged with each other and with the representatives that we send to the DC Council. 

Beverley Wheeler DC Ward 1 Re-Thinking CommunityIt has been my pleasure to serve Ward 1 these past 23 years and the city for most of my professional career.  I have spoken with literally  thousands of residents at the Citizens Summits and in every community in WARD1.   People have shared with me aspirations for their children and ways to improve their neighborhoods and schools.

As we prepare for this very important election in April  -  I look forward to hearing from you.  When you see me in your neighborhoods, stop by and say hello.  Please take a few minutes to tell me what is most important to you.   You can also contact me  at   Engage with the Campaign.

Your voice matters.